1.3.1 has been released with an important bug fix.

This widget provides a nice, optionally thumbnailed list of Zazzle products based on query parameters you configure it with, including the store, search terms and sorting mechanism. Unlike other Zazzle widgets, this one only uses the referral identifier that you give it, or none at all if you do not specify one (you know who you are — *wink*).

Additionally, this widget can be embedded into your posts and pages with a shortcode. These shortcodes look something like [pizazz query=asparagus rows=8 columns=3].

I use PCRE to parse the RSS feeds. If Pizazz does not work, make sure that PCRE is available in your PHP installation. It is available on most PHP servers.

Pizazz is multisite-compatible!

NOTICE: I don’t have a testing staff, and my ability to think of every potential problem is limited. If you have problems make sure to report them to me or I won’t know they exist for a long time!

Visit the download page at WordPress.org.

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36 thoughts on “Pizazz

  1. That other plug you mention has a nice posting with documentaiton of the short codes avaialble. Could you write something similar, docmenting usage and explaining what shortcodes your plug-in includes (if any), and if it doesnt include any…. well… maybe add some 😉

    • I don’t recall mentioning another plugin. But this feature is on my to-do list: something such as [pizazz-listing query=asparagus store=holidaybug width=20 height=4] would generate a 20×4 product listing in your page/post. I’m on a tight deadline right now with a higher-priority project and won’t be able to contribute anything to Pizazz for now, though. When I get time, that’s going to be the first feature I add, though!

  2. Thanks! Understand you are on a deadline.

    The “other plug-in” was the one you talked about by another author that over-wrote associate-IDs.

    When you get back to this plug-in, I’d like to see you add these things;

    The ability to selectively toggle on/off the following fields for a query; product title, product description, product creator, product price.

    The ability to randomize the order the products appear/display after the query.

    The ability to sort the resulting query by title, price, popularity or date created

    • Thank you for understanding. I forgot that I had mentioned the Zazzle Store Plugin. Toggling title, description, creator and price wouldn’t be too hard, just a few more parameters. I might not understand what you mean, but I’m pretty sure my plugin properly randomizes products already. If it doesn’t, then that’s a bug. Sorting by other properties could also be implemented fairly easily.

      My only worry is price. I don’t think the current RSS feed provides price, or at least not in an obvious way, so I may or may not have to send in a request to Zazzle themselves. I’m sure there is a way and I just missed it, though.

  3. check out the _other_ guys plugin at zazzletools(dot)com for the parameters/toggles example including price. You also might mimic his example of documentation. I look forward to the next update, and being able to switch over to your plug and get all my referrals!

  4. Very awesome plugin. Is there a way to add a “description” of each item? Though I’m not entirely sure if I’d actually like the look of all the words floating there, lol. But, I’m just wondering to see if I could “play” with that parameter…

    • Very awesome plugin.

      Thanks. =)


      There is currently no way to display the description for an item. The text, I imagine, would be too large for a table cell anyway. I’ve experimented with adding more text and it tends to cause rending issues because of this.

  5. This is the only plugin that has worked even a little that I have tried ALL DAY. Yet, when I use the parameter store and enter my store name it gives me a message that there are no products in the feed. Is the a zazzle.com issue? I can see my products on zazzle. If i use [pizazz] it works like a charm but those aren’t my things…

    • Woops, I’m a few days late here. Sorry that I didn’t notice this sooner (stupid WordPress, not sending me proper notifications…).

      What parameters did you pass to [pizazz] (what’s your store name)? I can test it out on my local WP install and debug from there. It could be Zazzle, but if it persists I miiight be able to circumvent it. It could also, of course, be something wrong with my plugin. Again, if you send me the parameters I’ll see.

  6. hi, i used your pizazz plug in to embed my zazzle shop on my main shop page as well as other sections of my site. today i happened to notice that none of the shops are any longer showing up. i have changed nothing, my shop name is still the same and is up and running and the pizazz shortcode i have left exactly the same, infact i have not touched my webpage containing the code nor the shop i was embedding.

    my website is here:

    and my zazzle store is:

    my pizazz shortcode is:
    [pizazz store=merrifieldrecords thumbback=000000 rows=10 thumbsize=130 columns=6]

    please help,

      • update. it started working again. do you have any idea why it would stop momentarily like that. and should i expect that again in the future?

        • Ahem, pardon the long reply.

          Sadly, Zazzle’s RSS feed is fairly unstable and it regularly pops offline. The caching mechanism I added generally hides this, but every once in awhile a quirk will pop up. I think the feed is getting more stable over time, however, so hopefully this will get even less frequent over time.

          I’m glad it’s working again, and I’m sorry for the inconveinance it caused.

          • hmm.. i thought i had configured the referral ID. perhaps i’m confused, where do i sign up for that? in pizazz plug in or in zazzle? thanks, michael

  7. Love the plugin! In fact, my client decided to move his shop from Cafe Press to Zazzle because of your plugin (it seems to work vs. the Cafe Press plugins). Quick question: Is there a way to remove the See More links?

    • I’m glad you and your client like it so much! As for the “See More” links, currently there is no way, tonight there will be. I’ve implemented an option in the widgets and shortcodes that I’ll be releasing later today. There will also be support for displaying prices in other monetary units.

      – Luiji

  8. Hi I’m using your plugin for the shop in my website http://www.mattjenkinsdesign.com
    I’m currently making my site mobile friendly and I’m having difficulty getting the table to work properly on the mobile site. I was wondering if I could include some sort of “if” statement or 2 different tables within my shop post, one creating the normal sized table, and one for creating the mobile friendly table. I’m creating the mobile version using “@media max-width” in my CSS page, so even if I could control the table within the CSS i might be able to figure it out.


    • Hello, and thank you for contacting me.

      You can make CSS rules mobile- or desktop-specific, which would be of help. Essentially, when including a stylesheet where people usually say media=”all” you can instead state media=”handheld”.

      However, this would only work if Pizazz marked its tables with a CSS class. In “class.pizazz-query.php” line 208 you can find the place where the table is output. You could just add in class=”pizazz-query” and work from there. I’ll include something like this in future versions so that people can style it appropriately.

      Good luck!

    • I definitely can, but it might be awhile before I can implement it do to other concerns of mine.

      For now, I’ve found that putting the correct keywords, such as “shirt”, to be fairly sufficient. If this is not the case for you, I’m sorry and hope to release an update with this feature within due time.

  9. It’s a really nice plugin! A feature I’d like to see is the possibility to let the user select the store/country (through a dropdown that we could eventually insert through a shortcode), rather than having to predefine it. This would really help reaching an international audience!

    • Sorry it took me so long to approve your comment and respond. I’ve been away from a good internet connection for awhile.

      As for your comment’s content, I think that’s a pretty great idea. I’ll keep it in mind the next time I get a chance to update the code base.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  10. Hi! I may be asking a really stupid question, so I apologize in advance if this is just my wordpress-ignorance. But I was trying to add a zazzle display to a custom post type’s template using do_shortcode() and it won’t work. Is that something that won’t work? (I didn’t want to have to figure out how to pull stuff from the feed myself. LOL Too busy/lazy!)

    • I haven’t used that function before myself, but based on its API documentation it should work fine. Did you perhaps forget to echo it out? Are there any errors in your log file?

      From what I can tell the usage would be:

      <?php echo do_shortcode("[pizazz query=asparagus rows=8 columns=3]"); ?>

  11. Hi: Thank you for your time in making pizazz. I was wondering if there is a way to eliminate the text below the images. I would like to use it to just show images with no text. Thank you.

  12. Hello. I really like your plug-in and found it to be really easy to use. But I have one small problem. I have a page with information for US customers with US prices, but I live in Brazil and would like to have a page for my Brazilian audience, only it seems your plug-in doesn’t give me the option to have a separate Brazilian presence. Is there some way to do this?

    • I’m glad that so far it has been easy to use. Sadly, though, the plugin currently does not support the ability to have more than one currency on a single website. However, I’ll happily add that ability in the next version.

    • Sorry for the significant lateness of this reply. :O

      If it applied correctly you should see your associate ID in the URLs for the product links.

  13. I noticed that you haven’t updated the plugin in a couple of years. Ah well. It’s been a while since I looked at it myself, but, just to let you know, it stopped pulling the right data from Zazzle US (or, at least this is what happened on my site).
    I managed to fix it, by simply modifying a line in download.php to add the user agent as follows.

    $request = wp_remote_get( $url, array(‘user-agent’ => “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; ZazzleStoreBuilder/1.5; +http://www.zazzle.com/)”, ‘redirection’ => false ));

    I hope this helps.

  14. Thank you so much for this plugin – it is fantastic.

    I thought at one point it wasn’t working anymore (maybe caused by a WP upgrade or something) I didn’t associate the ‘not working’ with my changing hosting service – Now I’ve created a new website with a new hosting package, the feed works – BRILLIANT!

    I’ve just read – “I use PCRE to parse the RSS feeds. If Pizazz does not work, make sure that PCRE is available in your PHP installation. It is available on most PHP servers.” – which was probably the problem.

    Many many thanks!

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