Pizazz 1.2.0

Hey there! Long time no type. How’s it been going with you?┬áIt’s time for a new release of Pizazz. I’ve been distracted lately, so a lot of these improvements are overdo. Let’s see…

I added a new shortcode that allows you to embed Pizazz into your posts and pages, which will allow you to make store pages and advertise your products where they’re┬árelevant. Are you blogging about asparagus? Then why not embed a Pizazz product feed with a bunch of asparagus T-shifts and mugs? Just type in [pizazz store=asparagus rows=8 columns=3] into your post and you’re ready to go! For the full documentation on Pizazz’s shortcodes, go to Settings->Pizazz and scroll down.

There is also a few more customizations. You can now change the alignment of text or just make it disappear and links can be made to open in new windows and the prices can be displayed right next to your products! This should give you a bit more flexibility while designing your website.

Lastly, the associate ID used to get referrals has been moved from the widget properties into Settings->Pizazz. I was worried that people would have to copy and paste their ID into all of their shortcodes and it would become too difficult to maintain. A dialog box will appear at the top of your administrative control panel after the update to remind you, so don’t fret!

The new release is up at the WordPress plugin repository. I recommend you update and check out these cool new features. Tell me what you think in the comments below and if you need help, check out the support area at WordPress!

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